About Us

Victory Eatery:
A Winning Combination of Great Food, Convenience
and Friendly Neighborhood Service

Victory Eatery is a small restaurant serving excellent lunch and early dinner meal options.  The Restaurant opened in 2010 with a menu featuring old fashioned type hamburgers, tender barbeque ribs, barbeque beef sandwiches, baked potatoes, salads, hotdogs, and other food that could be quickly prepared.  The menu continues to grow and currently has choices such as Cajun-fried fish dinners and Chicken-sandwiches, turkey burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, and more.

The idea of Victory Eatery began when it was apparent that there was not a restaurant offering a variety of quality food in a convenient location to customers who live or work in the Acres Homes, Independence Heights and Inwood areas.  The location is ideal with several schools nearby, as well as a community college campus.  The next closest restaurants are miles away and not convenient for a walk-up clientele.

The owner and staff work diligently to provide excellent customer service.  We are here to offer a good product in a timely manner and in a neighborly atmosphere. All of this to provide our customers with a winning combination of service!